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Hey guys!

I opened up a facebook page! Feel free to 'like' my page to see updates you might not see over on dA! Thanks so much for the support :)

Do any watchers know anyone who loves music and would like to compose a piece for an student animated short film? I am doing an early casting call to see what is out there on top of my own search for my fourth year film at Sheridan. The storyboards/leica won't be fully fleshed out until end of September, but I would like to get a scratch track until the final product is composed. If you know anyone (or even yourself) who loves to make music and has a great demo track please forward my way! This will be done professionally ie, we will fill a contract and you will be paid for the music you create and credit! 

This is so unpro ahaha, but please if you can help me with any leads or know any names who would love to do a student short please let me know! Just send me a private message :)

Thanks! <3
I update deviantart and will continue to update for sure but I post a lot of WIP regularly on tumblr and other forums. If you are interested in that stuff please come visit my art Tumblr

And if you are an avid twitter person I'm there too! Follow me @kiinopia

And for Instagramers

I also had something very life changing happen to me these past few weeks. I won't make the official post yet but I look forward to the next few months for sure ;u; I'll write more about it in September!